Born in Australia, GERRY JOE WEISE has traveled the World, and has experimented with his many ideas and concepts on Contemporary Art. He left Australia in 1980 at the age of 20, and moved to Europe where he was attracted to the several different European Art movements. He first settled down in Germany (Frankfurt and Munich), later moving to France (living in a Occitane hameau in Southern France) and Switzerland (living high up at 2,000 meters altitude in the Alps). Gerry Joe Weise then returned to Australia in 1999, apart from living in different Australian capitals, he spent some time on two remote aboriginal communities of the Kunwinjku tribe, east of Kakadu Reserve Park in Arnhem Land, at the Monmoyi remote settlement and the Gunbalanya community.

Gerry Joe Weise has utilized many different mediums in his career, from painting using canvas, wood, bark, metal, stone and slate; to installations comprising of "colored pigments on earth", water, plants, totems, wood and stone; to performances and musical "sound-scapes"; to photography, negative engraving, digital photographic manipulation and photographic collages.